The Virtual Classroom Dynamic


The Virtual Classroom will be an important factor in empowering the use of languages.  Using this technology will permit videoconferences with other classrooms of other schools from other countries, creating joint units of work and making it possible to develop countless activities and other language learning programs.


The Virtual Classroom dynamic will eliminate the space barriers and create an environment where the students will forget that they are talking and learning with classmates that are thousands of miles away.  This allows for games, activities, group work, conversations, and exhibits between the English and Spanish speaking students under the coordination and direction of the teachers from both centers.

Creating this dynamic and these activities in the Virtual Classroom necessitates the development of educational units.  This work will be done jointly between the partner educational centers that the Foundation has agreements with:


  • The Investigation Group Eumednet (Univ. of Malaga)
  • Howardsville Christian School, Michigan, USA.
  • Seeds of Faith, Indiana, USA.
  • Forcey Christian School, Silver Spring, USA.
  • ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International)

The Foundation has also initiated conversations with other non-Spanish European educational centers such as FEBB Center in Bremen (Germany) as well as others.