The creation of a TIV center is a significant investment.  Although the city government has granted the property necessary to develop this project, it will still require almost $6 million to build a  complete school from early childhood all the way through high school – the complete Spanish program of education from 0-18 years of age.  The most significant expense part of that amount is for the actual construction of the facilities. Other expenses such as landscaping, implantation of technology, social services, promotions, etc. can be reduced partly or totally by volunteer work.


Currently, our biggest challenge is the TIV center in Seville. We are specifically raising the funds for building the first phase (nursery for children between 0 and 6 years).  After several years of negotiating, the turning point for this project came last October 2010 when the Foundation received the 2 acre (8,000 m2) land grant in Dos Hermanas, a growing suburb just outside of Sevilla.  The launch of this school will mark the beginning of the educational, research and social activity of the foundation. It will also initiate the beginning of its economic activity and given its nonnprofit status, the resulting full reinvestment of the profits in this or other educational or social projects. This in turn will create its own economic source to fund other TIV centers.


To this date, all of the advances made in this project have undoubtably been brought about by the mighty hand of God. Because our confidence is in His provision and His countless resources, we look to Him for the economic and human resources needed for this project, trusting that God will supply all of them by the appropriate means.  We understand that one of those means is through generous individuals and entities who partner with us in making this project a reality.  Some have already begun to give on a regular basis and the foundation has also received many one time gifts.  As the needs abound, so do the opportunities for giving.


If you share our vision and would like to get involved, you may do so direcly through ths website  (Donate tab) or by contacting us (Contact Us tab) and we will be happy to help.