Educational Technology Research & Development Center


The Educational Technology Research & Development Center is one of the future projects of the Foundation.  The center will include  the computer center, server room, classroom, and other services.  This project reflects the Ayudando a Crecer Foundations desire to research and develop innovative technology that encourages the child’s development.

Beginning with the conviction that technology has a lot to offer in the educational process, we will develop computer programs, didactic units, and other ICT resources.

The Seville TIV Center is a great place for this.  Many of the applications developed will be applied in the TIV Center itself.   The Virtual Campus, for example, will be developed and maintained from the R & D Center.  As well as the management of the network and installation and maintenance of the educational programs.  This will benefit the Seville TIV Center, not just because the R & D Center is there, but also because of the variety of school and afterschool activities that will be held there.



The Educational Technology Research & Development center will also be a place where scientific and technical knowledge is shared thus empowering a technological culture in the TIV Center.