Core Values


Adding technology to the educational experience should not impair the social development of the student nor development of developing a well-balanced person character sensitive to the needs of those around them.


Our centers are committed not only to quality academics, but also to moral and spiritual education. We strive for excellence in knowledge, but also in the values that shape our students. We seek to provide an education that develops the whole person, women and men committed to the society we live in. Honesty, loyalty, commitment to those in need, generosity, tolerance, and respect towards the environment are core values that must be transmitted through the education process.


Here at Ayudando a Crecer we are convinced of the effectiveness of these values, rooted in a Christian woldview, with a universal and open spirit. With its evangelical Christian core values, TIV centers are committed to providing its students with a firm foundation on which to build their futures. Its singular character will  incorporate the Declaration of Prague from 1997 drafted by the Conference of European Christian Association of Educators (EURECA,) held  from 16 to 19 May 1997 in Svaty jan pod Shalu (Prague), and underwritten by the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) (1997 Prague Declaration)


In the same way, we also think it is crucial for teachers to be dedicated hard workers. Selecting teachers committed to students and providing opportunities for the teachers’ ongoing training are priorities that are provided for an the annual budget and programing.


We think of education as a way to support the family, which is indispensable and the most important context for the child’s education. Parents play an essential role in our educational philosophy and their participation is essential to the educational community.