What motivates us?

When we see the future, we see children

To focus on the future is to focus on the children. They are the tomorrow of our society; the ones who must pick up where we leave off. Those who will assume the responsibility of continuing to develop our society both technically and socially. We must invest in them. We must provide a place where they can grow and learn. At the same time, we must not forget the context in which they live: the new technologies. This requires innovation; new ways to educate that combine traditional teaching methods with new methods for this age of knowledge.

The Foundation Ayudando a Crecer embraces this challenge. Because of our experience in the area of education and technology, we have identified significant needs in the current educational system and we are developing educational centers that respond to these felt needs. Centers that integrate technology - as the tool of the future; languages - as a way to dialogue interculturally in a world of globalization; and values - which are essential for developing people of integrity who are committed to serving those around them.

Our focus in values reflects our desire to give back to society what we have received, by coming alongside the children in the love and truth of the gospel. We want to help them grow up with solid values in order to build their futures on the Rock. We want to plant seeds that will be harvested in the next generations.