Education Committee


This committee is responsible for defining, developing, implementing, and ongoing revising of the educational program for the TIV centers.  They also supervise the development of educational activities and materials promoted by the Foundation.   Some of their most important tasks are to:


  • Write the organizational documents for the centers.
  • Select and write the educational materials.
  • Integrate technology, languages and values in the educational curriculum.
  • Select and train the teachers.
  • Program the academic extracurricular activities.
  • Maintain communication with the outside organizations (ACSI, partner schools, etc).
  • Develop the program for the integration of the hearing impaired.
  • Develop the programs for children with learning difficulties.
  • Develop the requirements for the buildings of the centers.
  • Provide educational observation


Currently the responsibility of the education committee is focused on the defining and development of the educational plans for the future TIV centers.


The members of the team are:


  • Mª Isabel Ruiz: MA in Fine Arts, High School teacher.
  • Dana Collado: Degree in Elementary Education. Primary Public School Director.
  • Tamar Tejera: Technical engineer in Computer science. Degree in Sign Language.
  • Israel Sanz: Degree in Elementary Education. Degree in Theology. Pastor of the Baptist Church of Cordoba.
  • María Amián: MA in Fine Arts. High School teacher.  Currently studying Elementary Education.
  • Sara Owen: BS in Christian Education (E.E.U.U.). Evangelical Missionary.
  • Antonio Espino: Degree in Tourism. Primary school teacher.
  • Mª Ángeles Sierra: Degree in Elementary Education.  Primary school Bilingual teacher.


Besides these teachers, various others regularly contribute with their experience and ideas.