Organization Chart


Currently the foundation is made up of about 20 volunteers, most of whom are teachers.


This team is effectively organized within a structure that promotes fluid and open communication. The work areas are made up of qualified and experienced team members and are structured as follows:




This organization is ideal as it allows for dealing with major projects like the TIV centers; the type of work that requires a dynamic and coordinated effort uniting various teams.


Financial Director and Technical Director


The Financial Director of the Foundation oversees all of the administrative, financial and legal needs of the foundation. The Technical Director oversees the coordinating of the various areas of development; seeking to maintain consistency and unity in all of the areas.


Actualmente estas responsabilidades recaen sobre dos de los fundadores:


  • Financial Director: Ismael Aguilar Salgado. Economist.
  • Technical Director: Juan José Ruiz Ruiz. Computer Science Engineer.