TIV Virtual Classroom


The Virtual classroom is one of the most innovative aspects of the TIV Centers.  By using   a real time, surround sound, life-size videoconference connection, we will be able to connect with classrooms in other countries for a unique shared educational experience.

Every classroom will have its high resolution projector that projects the remote life size classroom on the wall.  In the remote classroom they will simultaneously receive the image of the TIV Center classroom captured through the built-in wide angle lens video camera on the wall.  The surround sound equipment captures and sends the sound to the remote classroom.  At the same time, the speaker system will produce the sound being received from the remote classroom.  Together, this technology will create a dynamic and interactive classroom exchange between students of different countries.


The educational team of Ayudando a Crecer will design the didactic plans for these virtual classrooms.  Among the many advantages for our students, the greatest ones will be the actual use of foreign languages and live intercultural exchanges.


Currently, the Foundation has various English speaking partner schools in other countries which have already agreed to collaborate using this technology.


The TIV Virtual Classroom is a unique concept belonging to the Foundation Ayudando a Crecer and its TIV centers.