Infrastructure and Equipment


Parallel to the program begun by the Junta de Andalucia (regional government of Andalusia) in 2003, the TIV Centers will include from the beginning phases, the electrical and communication infrastructure needed as well as the necessary internet and domotics capabilities for classroom computers, offices and shared spaces.

The technical infrastructure will include high-performance wireless network, access to broadband internet connections, IP Voice and Video capabilities, an Internet Local Server, Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems as as well as content filters and more. Some examples of this include electronic boards and other projects based on open source software (GNU license). These technologies will be used in conjunction with others that are already common here in Andalusia.

This infrastructure will allow us to provide specific services to parents such as text messaging capabilities and the secure viewing access into preschool cameras over the internet, providing the ideal environment for the assimilation of new technologies not only for the students, but also for their families.

The updating of equipment will be done under the supervision of the Technology department of the Foundation and will expand through the developments made by the Educational Technological Research and Development Center.