The Concept


The ideas behind the TIV foundation are the property of Ayudando a Crecer, thus certifying the exclusive quality education of its centers. TIV is a registered trademark.

The acronym TIV stands for the three educational focuses that Ayudando a Crecer is committed to implementing within its educational centers. These three focuses are a response to the three greatest societal demands on today's education.




TIV classrooms will be equipped with the latest technologies which will in turn be applied to the specific needs of each age group in accordance with pedagogy criteria. Some examples of these technologies which have been developed by engineers and educators within the foundation include virtual classrooms, touchscreen tables and the electronic boards.


  • High Technological equipment
  • Utilization of free software
  • Virtual Campus
  • Utilization of the Learning School Program
  • Touchscreen tables and electronic boards


Languages (Idiomas)


Languages will also play an important role in the centers, especially English. Within this educational focus TIV certifies that in the future it will:


  • Be a bilingual educational center
  • Use virtual classrooms
  • Cooperate with International Centers of excellence
  • Implement foreign exchange student programs




The commitment TIV has toward its  students goes beyond purely academic training. The emphasis that TIV places on values alludes to a deep concern to help students form solid values and to help their families  develop healthy lifestyles in their young people. These values are rooted in a Christian understanding of the individual, society and the world.


  • Curriculum guided education in positive values
  • Environmental protection activities
  • On-going teacher's education
  • Cooperation and support for families
  • Parenting Seminars
  • Special learning programs for children with difficulties
  • Integration for children of inmigrants