What we do?


The primary purpose of the foundation is to begin, direct, and support the development of evangelical christian schools in Andalucia,the southern region of Spain. Other secondary goals include the following:


  • To carry out technological and educational research, development, and innovation.
  • To teach and equip students with technological and language skills, especially in English.
  • To encourage healthy lifestyles and alternative entertainment for young people.
  • To provide ongoing training for all personnel.
  • To promote and support the family.
  • To provide a values based education.
  • To integrate and support those with physical, intellectual, social or economic challenges.


With these goals in mind, we will develop:


  • Projects for TIV Educational Centers in various provinces.

  • Curriculum that specializes in tecnology, languages and values.

  • Computer applications and tools applied to education.

  • Architectonic studies which are environmentally friendly and adapted to integrate technology.

  • Published educational materials in various formats, including digital.

  • Actividades educativas en valores para niños.
  • Values based educational activities for children.

  • Partnerships in educational projects directed towards youth.
  • Financial partnerships who will colaborate with the foundation’s activities.


As the resources and number of volunteers grow, the foundation plans to expand and develop additional activities described in its founding documents.