Helping to ...

  • ... integrate technology into daily living
  • ... apply new technologies in education
  • ... train teachers
  • ... break down cultural and linguistic barriers
  • ... instill solid Christian values
  • ... integrate the academically disadvantaged
  • ... develop stable families

to Grow ...

  • ... with the skills needed for the use of technology
  • ... with a quality education
  • ... the ability to communicate in other languages
  • ... with a physically healthy lifestyle
  • ... with Christian values
  • ... with equal opportunities
  • ... with joy
Welcome to Ayudando a Crecer


Ayudando a Crecer (Helping to Grow) foundation is an educational, non-profit organization founded in December 2005. Ayudando a Crecer is working in Andalucía (the southern autonomous region of Spain). With our primary focus on education and technology, the main purpose at Ayudando a Crecer is to start TIV Schools. TIV is our own copyrighted answer to the growing demand for quality educational centers that focus on new technologies, languages, and values.

Explore our webpage and find out who we are and what we do.